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I designed my first Database at the age of 12 (oh lord 31 years ago!) on magnetic tape using a Dragon 32 computer (made in Swansea, Dontcher know) written in Dragon basic which worked out my fathers complicated shift pattern (what a geek!).

In my illustrious career I have programmed databases for Reading University (Dbase), New College Swindon (MS Access), Swansea College (Access, Sql Server, Asp, Html), PRA international (Oracle) , The Hill Centre Swansea (Access) and currently on contract to a charity - Caerlas Cymru in Swansea.

In my spare time (hah yeah right!) I have written this website for my wife's business, that being the manufacture of the best quality silver jewellery made from Sterling, Pure Silver and Swarovski Crystal. The website is written in PHP using MySQL and Apache Server - I should also give a nod to as a service provider, excellent and cheap.

I have also written a Street Level Performance Management System for the Hill Centre Swansea in php and Mysql.

My wife's Ethos when it comes to Jewellery is no skimping on the quality of the materials, what she produces is handmade, from pure silver (fine silver) of almost 100% purity. She uses only the best findings (those are the bits that join it all together, if your a bloke) right down to the wire work, no shoddy cheap plastic fishing wire or elastic used here. These are built to last.
When it comes to website design, our watchword is "simplicity". The only fancy things on our website are the Jewellery. No Flash, very little Java, no miles of adverts, Only one main screen linked to a database. No millions of options to pay, just paypal. No fancy backgrounds, no cutesy logos and backgrounds (actually, watch the panda closely) . Just like the Jewellery the website is handcrafted. No content management systems in sight. Its all outta our own heads.

We have recently affiliated ourselves to and all our items can also be found on their microsite as well.

The Jewellery pictures on the website have all been taken by my wife using a Sony Alpha 100 and more recently a Canon Powershot G10

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Fine Silver Jewellery, Swarovski Crystals and Childrens JewelleryThe Home of Fine Silver Jewellery, Swarovski Crystals and Childrens Jewellery


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